The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) provides Verification/Confirmation of results services and Certifying Statements of results (replacement certificates) as an ongoing pledge to curb examination malpractice and certificate fraud. This service is offered to Private and Public institutions/ corporations, Educational Institutions, Embassies and Regional and International Qualifications Authorities.
The Services are available at a fee for Confirmation/ Verification of results and Certifying Statements of Results. This service is offered locally, Regionally and Internationally.
Corporate Verification of Results.
Did you know that there is an increase in qualifications fraud by job seekers and prospective employees?

‘Woman with Fake certificate Rumbled after 11 years’ (newsdzezimbabwe.com, 16 January 2018)
“A Harare woman allegedly used a forged Ordinary level certificate to get employment as an insurance agent at First Mutual in 2006, a Harare Court heard yesterday. She reportedly worked for First Mutual for 11 years knowing the said certificate tendered was fake. The court heard that during Mhiza’s tenure of employment the Human Resources queried the authenticity of her qualifications and asked her to resubmit her certificates. Zimsec said Mhizha’s certificate was fake and that it belonged to Musarara Takawira who had not even passed the exams. The case was reported to the police, leading to Mhizha’s arrest.”

This facility is availed to corporate entities to verify results submitted to them by prospective employees. Verifying results before or during employment tenure minimises chances of employing unqualified personnel carrying fake certificates, which can negatively affect productivity and institutional reputation through losses and incompetence.
Prospective employees who have lost their academic certificates can also apply for the confirmation of results which is sent directly to the requesting authority.

Verification of Results by Embassies
US embassy, Zimsec unmask fake certificates scam (The Herald, 07 Sept.2018)
Abigail Mawonde – Herald Correspondent
The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) and the United States embassy in Harare yesterday unearthed a scam in which some people fraudulently acquired educational certificates in a bid to get visas to the US. It has since been confirmed that 30 out of 40 “O” and “A” Level certificates recently submitted to the US embassy were fake.

Verification of Results by Educational Institutions
‘Nurse jailed for using fake certificate’ (Newsday, 15 October 2013)

By Tinotenda Samkange

Masuka (27) was sentenced over the weekend by Mbare magistrate Victoria Mashamba following her conviction on a charge of forging one Gertrude Marufu’s Ordinary Level certificate to secure a place at the hospital’s training school in 2009.
As a result of her misrepresentation, Masuka was admitted to train as a Registered General Nurse for a period of three years and was supposed to graduate on October 25 this year. However, the scam was exposed after her “O” Level certificate was submitted to the Salary Services Bureau (SSB) to enable her to get her salary at the end of this month.
The SSB in turn sent Masuka’s certificates to the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) for authentication, where it emerged that Masuka had not sat for the November 2003 Zimsec “O” Level examinations as indicated on the certificate. Zimsec established that the certificate belonged to Marufu who had sat for the examinations at Sakubva High School using candidate number Z23484/103.

Certifying Statements of Results
When an individual loses there original certificates, upon application for a replacement ZIMSEC will issue a Certifying statement of results. This will stop the expense and the hustle of applying for confirmation of results each time certificates are required. It is as good as the original certificate.
Let us come together and stop academic fraud. Please contact any of the ZIMSEC offoces or visit the ZIMSEC stand at the ZITF for applications and further information.

www.zimsec.co.zw    Email: pr.infor@zimsec.co.zw    WhatsApp: +263 772148786

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