The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council Board and Management would like to advise the nation of the release of the ZIMSEC Ordinary and Advanced level June examinations results. We are proud to note that the Ordinary and Advanced Level results are being released simultaneously to the nation.

The results are being sent to the various ZIMSEC regional offices for collection by the examination centre heads. We look forward to the usual smooth and expeditious collection of results. Candidates who sat for these examinations will be able to collect their results from their respective schools/centres starting Thursday 18 August 2016.

Ordinary Level Results

For the June 2016 Ordinary level examination a total number of 65 380 candidates registered and sat for a range of subjects from one to nine subjects per candidate, compared to 81 083 in June 2015. Of the 65 380 candidates, 130 were candidates with special needs. The total candidature, however, decreased by 15 703, a decrease of 19, 37% from the previous year.

For the purpose of clearer analyses, two distinct categories of candidates are referred to, that is the school and the private candidates. Private candidates are those who are not registered into a formal school education system but receive tuition through the non-formal route. School candidates are defined as students who attend classes and/or are tutored by a teacher until the sitting of national examinations. The number of school candidates was   8 974 and, for private candidates, it was 56 406.

The June examination is primarily meant to provide an opportunity to candidates who need to make good on their previous efforts, and complete a full certificate with five subjects at Grade C or better. A few good candidates who feel confident enough to take some of their subjects before the October/November session also register for this examination. The number of candidates who sat for five or more subjects was 2 391which is 3.6% of the total candidature of 65 380 .The remainder, 62 989 (96, 3%), sat for four or fewer subjects. In June 2015, the number of candidates who sat for five or more subjects was 2760 which was 3.4% of the total candidature of 81 083.

The total number of school candidates who sat for 5 subjects or more were 668 and of these 311 passed with Grade C or better. This gives a percentage pass rate of 46.56%. The private candidates who sat for 5 subjects or more were 1 723 and of these 168 passed with Grade C or better giving a percentage pass rate of 9.75%.

Advanced Level Results

The Advanced Level examinations had a total number of 4007 candidates compared to 4 086 in June 2015, a decrease of 1.9%. However, the candidature is comparable for the two years.

The total number of candidates who sat for two or more subjects was 1 844 which is 46 % of the total candidature of 4 007. The percentage pass rate for the school candidates who wrote two or more subjects is 84, 13% and 60, 8% for private candidates.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to the examiners and all ZIMSEC staff who worked tirelessly throughout the setting, marking and results processing to the point where we now have analyses and results to produce to the nation.




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