The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council would like to acknowledge and extend immense gratitude to the nation and stakeholders for their support as we endeavour to move towards ISO certified status. Recent statistics as presented below on our candidature, demonstrate the confidence our learners and stakeholders have in the National Examinations.









2016 2017


GRADE 7 359 452 367 888 2.3%


ORDINARY LEVEL 299 657 354 866 18.04%


ADVANCED LEVEL 41 970 50 130 19.04%



The Council would like to thank stakeholders who have entrusted their Learners to be tested under the ZIMSEC system. Any talk of massive use of external examination agencies is just that, mere talk, as the numbers are so insignificant in the light of the above figures. This year, ZIMSEC has already concluded the Grade 7 examinations without a hitch. Currently, we are in the season of the Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations. The examinations are an ongoing concern with both the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council collaborating to ensure minimal, if any, disruptions. Furthermore, School Heads, cluster centres, invigilators, candidates, honest members of society and the media have buttressed the Council’s efforts to curb examination malpractice.

ZIMSEC would like to assure its partners in the fight against examination malpractice that it carries out investigations based on credible information given to it. The Council is forever indebted to all of you for your efforts. We do not take anything for granted. It is in this context, that a dozen largely independent candidates had undue access to the Ordinary Level Mathematics Paper 1 question paper. Fortunately, law enforcement agents have already presented some of the culprits to the courts with high prospects for conviction and sentencing in the course of the week. The Council would like to assure the nation that any candidate who engages in illegal activities will be caught and have the examination results nullified.

However, we would like to inform the members of the public that there are, as ususal, fake examination papers and fake answer sheets that are being circulated. Genuine candidates have no business following the fake trail except that they lose their money and also lose invaluable study time.

As we continue with regular monitoring and improvement of examinations conditions and measures, Council assures the nation as a whole that it will continue to protect and uphold the credibility and integrity of the Examinations fully for the benefit of our Nation, Zimbabwe.


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