Nostro FCA Account with CBZ Bank

In order for the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) to release verification results payment of US$60 per session needs to be made to the council by the applicant. 


Below are ZIMSEC Banking Details. 

BANK                                                 CBZ

 BRANCH                                           SELOUS AVENUE

 SORT CODE                                      6109


ACCOUNT NUMBER                       02120520330117 

SWIFT BIC CODE                            BKCHCNBJXXX

INTERMEDIARY BANK                  Bank of China, Beijing, China


Confirmation of results $60 per sitting
You must furnish the following information:
1.      Full names and address of the authority requiring the results
2.      Full name of applicant (i.e. names used in the examination)
3.      Full names of schools where examination(s) were sat
4.      Correct month (s) and year (s) in which examination(s) was/were written.

Please be advised that if the applicant sat for examinations in more than one session, each session attracts a confirmation fee of the same amount.

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