October/November 2018 National Examinations

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council wishes to inform the nation that the October/November 2018 examination session has started. The writing of national examinations will run until 27 November 2018. In that regard,we would like all our valued and trusted stakeholders to be informed on the issues that are related to these examinations.

All candidates must ensure that they attend examination sessions on time. It is important for all to know that examinations start at 9:00am for the morning session and 2:00pm for the afternoon session. Candidates must always refer to the timetable so that they do not miss their examinations. ZIMSEC has put in place a raft of measures to ensure that there is quality assessment of candidates’ performance. It is important for all of us to know that when stakeholders cooperate in the running of examinations there will be fair assessment of all candidates.

ZIMSEC urges all stakeholders to ensure that examinations are run according to set regulations. Where these are breached, stakeholders should report immediately so that action is taken by ZIMSEC. Stakeholders have the ability to ensure that the following are stopped and if breaches have occurred they are reported immediately:

  1. Premature access to examination question papers by some candidates
  2. Copying by an individual or Collusion between candidates to bring pre-written answers into an examination hall.
  3. Mass cheating: This involves the candidates, teachers and invigilators. There are centres which have been reported to have an invigilator write answers on the board for the candidates or shout them out to the candidates.
  4. Impersonation: This is where an imposter purporting to be the examination candidate attempts to sit for an examination. These are usually hired by a candidate to do so.


Zimbabweans have a role to play in national examinations. Let us work together for the good of our candidates.

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