Certification Confirmation


If a person loses their academic certificates these are the steps to follow:

  1. Bring a copy of your statement of entry, if you do not have the copy you may just bring your candidate and centre number. In the eventuality that you do not have these details a search fee of $10 per certificate will be charged.
  2. Fees for Ordinary level certifying statement are $85 per sitting. This means if you sat in June and then in November this will be two sittings.
  3. Fees for Advanced Level certifying statements are $95 per sitting.
  4. Certifying statements take at least 6 weeks to be produced.
  1. If you are applying to get into a tertiary institution or applying for a job, the respective company may require a confirmation of your results and qualifications from ZIMSEC. ZIMSEC gives at least 10 confirmations per week to local, regional and international organisations.
  2. How do I get the confirmation?
  3. The institution seeking confirmation can send a request directly to ZIMSEC or you the incumbent may do so. However, please note that the confirmation is not at any point given directly to the candidate but is posted directly to the institution.
  4. Confirmation per local session (including postage) = $7.00
  5. Confirmation per session for Africa (including postage)= $60.00
  6. Confirmation per session for Overseas (including postage) $80.00
  1. The deadline for submission of results queries is 42 days after publication of results.
  2. All queries to ZIMSEC should be channelled by candidates through their examination centres.
  3. To get results, a candidate must sit for all the required papers for each of his/her subjects.
  4. Answer scripts and practical work submitted to ZIMSEC belongs to the Examinations Council.
  5. The results slip is not a certificate, the Council reserves the right to correct the information given through another slip or the certificate.