Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What can I do if I lose my O/A-Level certificate?

  2. 2.If I have two or more certificates from different sittings, is it possible for them to be combined into one certificate?

  3. 3. Are ZIMSEC Certificates recognized internationally?

  4. 4. Is ZIMSEC able to maintain the standard of examinations as it was with Cambridge?

  5. 5. What is ZIMSEC doing to improve its Corporate Image?

  6. 6. What security measures are in place at ZIMSEC to protect our national examinations?

  7. 7. What are ZIMSEC's future developmental plans?

  8. 8. What are the causes for the delay in releasing examination results?

  9. 9. Is ZIMSEC getting enough funding for its activities?

  10. 10. What is the relevance of the June examinations and why does ZIMSEC continue to offer the examinations?

  11. 11. What is the cause for candidates to have missing results?

  12. 12. Is it possible for a candidate to receive results for a subject which he/she did not write?